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Whiny, cookie-cutter music about getting your heart broken that suburban brats love to listen to. Its fans honestly believe they are contributing to a "scene," and hype up useless releases with comments like "This is the NEXT BIG THING!" or "BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR!"
This Tatecore album is THE BEST OF THE NEXT TWO DECADES!
by inanechild June 30, 2004
Whiney, uninspired, faux emo music, usually with sung and screamed vocals.
Man, that new Story of the Year CD is total tatecore!
by someguy November 30, 2003
pop music with an edge. a dull edge but an edge none the less.
"brand new's cd will change your life, it's not emo, it's not punk, it's pure tatecore" - jason
by 13EHRUHN37!!!!! May 02, 2004