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The fucking must raw epic savage clan ever to exist in gang history. oh also recently joined MS-13
"fuck da bloodz tata4life"
by friscosfinest November 07, 2008
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A gang that resides in the cuts of the Bay Area. Reppin Tata (Tay-Tuh) is like JIHAD, you dont curr bout nothin but killin suckuz and stayin true to yo shit (in this case TATA!). While Tata is a currently a 6 person clan of thugs and straight up yo block gunnaz, we recently allied with MS-13. So next time you is in the cuts, keep an eye out fo Tata and make sure yo ass aint wearin blue and orange o' else you izz gonna get a bullet in yo face.
"Ay what's up blood?" - stupid ass nigga
"Oh hell naw!" *pops a bullet in his ass* "Fuck da bloodz, TATA4LIFE!" - Tata member
by friscosfinest November 16, 2008
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