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A martyr of the Protoss people, he was once a valiant leader and vigilant warrior. He gave his life to save his homeworld, Aiur, and his people from the insectoid Zerg threat.
One of the finest examples of heroism among any people were the efforts of Tassadar... He will always be remembered in the heart and soul of the First Born.
by Lucrata Nexarii July 13, 2003
Protoss hero. Sacificed himselft to eliminate the fledling Overmind, the entity that controlled the Zerg swarm
Tassadar, a protoss hero.
by Liu Kang October 04, 2003
The most selfless of the Protoss race. Sacrificing himself to save his failing race and destroy another. Later it was realized that his effort was in vain.
As he gathered his energies around him, he managed to syphon it all into one single blast directly into the being that was the Overmind...
by Tassadar March 15, 2005
Noun: Protoss leader, sacrificed self to save Protoss race.
Dude, the part where Tassadar sacrificed himself was fuckin' beautiful
by omfg March 18, 2003
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