camp kid of the yr
1997 to 2003
by Son November 28, 2003
Top Definition
A greek name, short form for Anastasious. Usually very attractive, well built, loyal and good personality. They are usually very humorous and know how to handle women.
Taso? Oh yeah he is such a good guy.
by Taylor Mayers March 23, 2010
A young boy who gets extremely mad at video games.
Anthony-That boy gets so angry at video games
T.J.-I know he's such a tasos
by Gotee April 30, 2015
a synonym for a camp cheeser
some greek australian ppl who live somewhere in the world
by Moff November 26, 2003
Tasos is a term used to describe someone with no life, who sits around talking about games that they aren't even necessarily good at. in most cases a Tasos is usually greasy and of ethnic origin.
dude that overweight gamer that won "ultimate gamer" should have won "ultimate Tasos" he's so greasy and lifeless!
by Captain_fa_shizzle_2009 December 22, 2009
A thing of Greek decent with inclinations toward rape, hair gel, and GHB. Also lacks a soul and human emotion.
You see that dude over there with hair gel raping a girl.
Yep, thats Taso.

Oh yea, that's the bitch I Taso'ed last year. I heard she still has nightmares....and AIDS!
by Ben3424423324 October 17, 2009
An annoying person of Greek origin; often times uses insults that make no sense and laughs at all of his own jokes. Has a very limited vocabulary and mainly uses the same terminology and phrases on a day to day basis (i.e. "Your shit's beat," "Chapped," "Prime," "KNOW DAT!!!," "It is what it is," etc.). Often times interrupts people in the work place to be obnoxious. Prone to uncontrollable fits of giggling and plotting lame pranks against his friends. Likes to throw things at people not unlike a monkey with its fecal matter.
"Oh my gosh I have coworker that is so annoying! He thinks he's hilarious and he keeps bugging me and throwing crap at me!"

"That sucks! You are TOTALLY working with a Taso!!!"
by BOOM ROASTED February 26, 2010
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