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A Tary is a large, squid like, sea creature that is often refered to as a Kraken. It has several large and powerful tenticles that can each crush a ship. A Tary is also mostly in descise as a human but can sometimes revert into its true form due to lack of water. This generaly hushed up by the government and is blamed on an earthquake. Due to the Tary's immense size it can only fully revert into its true form out at sea.
"Did you hear about that Tary insident?"

"Yes, it got three ships"
by Deadmatt June 10, 2009
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Mixture of rice and ketchup, can be eaten at any time of the day on most days.
B: "This batch of taries is immaculate"

N: "Fuckin right."
by Bethanator December 30, 2007
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