A very kinky being. Likes to get down and dirty and has an open mind about everything. Will sex you up.
Person A: "...and then she brought out the whip and gag and tied me up!"
Person B: "No kidding man, seriously? You totally got tarised last night."
by mushila November 25, 2009
Top Definition
the most amazing girl you will ever meet. shes gorgeous, sweet, caring, loving.
WOW! that girl was a total Tari.
by 96carrottop March 24, 2010
A very short, sweet, blonde with a lot of heart
That Tari is a wonderful girl.
by superwhat April 21, 2009
A girl who is basically trailer park trash. Will sleep with anyone who has a penis. Most likely will have some disease.
Dude what's that?!
That's a Tari my friend aviod her at all cost unless you want some disease.
by Stretcherton April 15, 2013
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