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A very short, sweet, blonde with a lot of heart
That Tari is a wonderful girl.
by superwhat April 21, 2009
the most amazing girl you will ever meet. shes gorgeous, sweet, caring, loving.
WOW! that girl was a total Tari.
by 96carrottop March 24, 2010
A very kinky being. Likes to get down and dirty and has an open mind about everything. Will sex you up.
Person A: "...and then she brought out the whip and gag and tied me up!"
Person B: "No kidding man, seriously? You totally got tarised last night."
by mushila November 25, 2009
A girl who is basically trailer park trash. Will sleep with anyone who has a penis. Most likely will have some disease.
Dude what's that?!
That's a Tari my friend aviod her at all cost unless you want some disease.
by Stretcherton April 15, 2013