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The coolest person ever who is to cool for you! she is super pretty and you will never get her.
aaaaaand she has to pee
i wish i was tanu... :)
by dogzFTW December 12, 2011
37 6
The location between the taint and the anus.
I'd scratch my tanus, but I'm too worried that I'll get stink palm.
by Look its Puck September 27, 2006
9 7
a man who has been to prison, is a racist redneck, and has had their butthole licked by their girlfriend.
The new shop teacher is a tanus.
by luckylilred November 08, 2009
9 8
The original OO-ing Hampster
The Badass Hampster that defined OO-ing in the original GC
by Bret March 03, 2005
2 5