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One who is God....
Yo, Tanooooo!
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
a suffix that can be added to the end of any word making it a gang. example greentanos,blacktanos,methtanos,fattanos.
hey if u put tanos on the end of your name it will be a gang
by ninjagideo69 March 11, 2010
That's A New One. pronounced as the acronym looks. it is said when someone says a sentence that has likely never been uttered before by any human, or at least is very unusual. used in the same way as "thats what she said", but for a different reason.
Guy 1: Despite this recent account, i think that its not likely that Traci is a lesbian werewolf, due to her membership in the Catholic Church.
Guy 2: TANO

Guy 1: that is the shiniest fucking crow i have ever seen.
Guy 2: TANO
by th3 JD August 17, 2009
(verb) The act of putting an object in pants, normally pants being worn certainly by an individual.

(noun) One who has an obsession with putting objects in their pants.
(verb): I just tanoed your phone!

(noun): Sorry about your camera, i'm a tano.

Is that a water bottle in your pants? Oh, your such a tano.
by Pietrina5 September 30, 2011

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