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a high school gang created in the 2000s by a group of italians, but it has many different races involved. they rep green, north-east, and the number 33, they originate from the town of Manteca, but is estimated to be the most popular gang by 2030, evan passing up bloods and crips.their rival gang is the purps/purpanos, and the alltanos.
if you mess with him he'll get the GREENTANOS on you.
by ninjagideo69 November 20, 2009
a suffix that can be added to the end of any word making it a gang. example greentanos,blacktanos,methtanos,fattanos.
hey if u put tanos on the end of your name it will be a gang
by ninjagideo69 March 11, 2010
When a guy and a girl that hasn't taken a shower in hella long (and their HELLA greasy!!!) and their having sex. Then the girl has a period during sex and the guy puts his balls in her period blood looking like a meatball sub w/ extra sauce!!!
Man, last night I had a Italian Meatball Sub and it was awesome!!
by ninjagideo69 March 11, 2010
someone (usually a ginger) who trys so hard to be a gangster, but hes just a homo/fagot. he is constantly trying to do stupid thing that will gain him street rep, or praise but they always turn out to be fails such as going out with a fat girl, or taking a picture of a guy taking a shit.
man richard trys so hard to be a gangster but hes just a homo thug.
by ninjagideo69 March 12, 2010
commonly used when a person doesn't know weather to use bro or breh it is a combination of the two
wat up bur
by ninjagideo69 March 11, 2010

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