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Noun - A joke that is completely unfunny and beyond cheesy. A joke that will stop any points of laughter in a group and cause the person who said the joke to face ridicule. Whenever someone makes a terrible joke you call them out by saying "tampoff"

Verb - calling someone out on a bad joke (to tampoff someone)
The original tampoff: Person 1: "We couldn't have sex because she had her tampon in" Person 2: "Tampon?? Don't you mean, tampoff?"

Example of it in use.

Person 1: Did you know they created health care for alligators? It's called Gator-Aid. (gatorade)

Person 2: Dude, tampoff!
by Johnh1020 April 09, 2010
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Masturbating while on your period.

Combination of tampon + jack off.
I'm always so horny when I'm on my period, I tamp off so much.
by martianeyes December 09, 2014

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