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A Canadian teenager often persecuted for being honest and speaking his mind. Often persecuted for being correct, and making sure the idiots he may be correcting get the point loud and clear so that it doesn't happen again, which can make him seem unecessarily direct. But it works. When he goes too far, he apologizes which is also often misinterpreted.
The best way to deal with Brad is to act like a normal person who can use correct spelling and grammar, he simply asks that you don't be an asshole and don't type like you have the intelligence of a fruit fly on crack.
Agreed, not Goldilocks.
by Tail December 15, 2004
Waaah..such a sweet guy. Really..hes like the brother I never had. He can be a bastard..but most of the time you deserve it. He loves cute bey girls...and guys. Hes really awesome..and I shall one day kidnap him..I mean meet him. He loves beyblade and Gackt. Malice Mizer also owns his soul.
I luff j00 so very much!
by Arthur Sloane December 16, 2004
Totally awesome. Also, not Goldilocks.
Brad is always more correct than anyone else, making him completely and 100% awesome. One time, I said something, and he said "WRONG!" and his total sheer brilliance created a wave of ninjas that kicked my ass.
by Tamer Brad (that's right) December 14, 2004
Tamer Brad is, contrary to what Nickulus, a very interesting, generous, kind, sensitive, and delightfully individualistic person who always speaks his mind.

If anything, he will (and already has), virtually redefine the world and community online, and like so many wonderful bishonen, make a couple of people jealous along the way because he's so much prettier than they are.
Anyway, it's not his fault that he isn't a slave to the mediaand ridiculous social standards.
His overall style of dress merges the best aspects of jrock andd North American punk, and is really a very delightful thing to behold.
by AnnieDuck December 16, 2004
Tamer Brad is a person who is that much more awesome than you. His style is unique, and many arrogant bastards call it gay. He wears makeup and dark colours, but in no way is gothic because Black and Blue are his favourite colours. Also Purple, so you may come to think that he is a bit more feminine than most other guys. He acts feminine for fun at times and that adds to his style. He is extremely smart and can prove his comments in a debate. If he loses the arguement, he can understand, but of course, this happens rarely. He is a big fan of Gackt, but does not strive to become a copy of him because Brad understands that he should be himself. He can be a bastard at times, but of course, again, he admits it. Brad is sexy and I am probably wrong about quite a bit of this, but nonetheless, hopefully, close to the truth.
BRAD IS SEXY because he is unique, good looking, and has the personality to back it all up.
by Kouji Wada December 15, 2004
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