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(noun) Intellectually dishonest, ethically bankrupt, chronically ineffectual, smug oompa-loompa-looking motherfucker that could stand to lose a few pounds.
Judy: Did all your teams finish their end-of-year projects before the deadline?

James: No, unfortunately not. Roger pulled a Tamat on me. He sat there playing with the disgusting ball-hair on his chin while explaining why his group's project would need to be pushed back at least a week because he ignored every concern people brought to him.

Judy: Well, that doesn't sound quite as bad as pulling a Tamat.

James: I'm getting there. It turns out there are Koreans doing all the work for his team and he hasn't even lifted a finger. You wouldn't believe the smugness of this guy; he said he had, at one point, seriously considered selling it to me.

Judy: That's a textbook Tamat, alright. Never would have expected it from Roger.
by Agent Blackfoot August 14, 2010