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A name that means "honest" and "innocent". One of the nicest, most beautiful girls in the world. Has both a nice and crazy side to her, but both sides of her personality are equally amazing. She is friendly with anyone and is very easy to talk to. She has beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, and most importantly, a beautiful heart.
Noah: "Oh my god, she's beautiful..."
Eric: "She's Tamah, of course she is!"
Noah: "..."
by David B 123 August 26, 2013
A stuck-up, annoying, know-it-all, BITCH. She thinks she is the best at everything and that nobody can compare to her.
jen: Hey, are you racing?
tamah: Yeah, no-one will stand a chance coz im the fastest in my old school.
friends: umm are you sure? jen's won the state championships...
tamah: pfft. im way better than her she sucks.
*they race. tamah comes last by HEAPS*
friends: she is SUCH a tamah. . .
by liliababey October 03, 2011
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