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Taloria - A Name of A Thousand Queens. Taloria is a beautiful young lady. Strong & Confident to the eye. But Loving and Nurturing to those who deserve it. Taloria is a person who never gives up. She never says never, & will try until trying becomes insane.

Taloria is a person that you would never want to let go of. She puts those in need before herself, & will be there for you no matter how little you are for her.

She has that side she only shows the world, then the side that is the real her. Spontaneous, Outgoing, Honest, & Lovable. You'll trust her with you life, and be happy that you did. She'll be the one that you lone to hold, & the one that is open to many words.

If you ever have a Taloria Placed in your life, She will make you Thank God, & You Should. Because Little do you know, You have an Angel in Your Life.
Taloria has always had my back.

Taloria saved my ass.

Taloria is my best friend. Better Than Yours.
by GodsCreation July 12, 2014
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