The general term used to describe long, curved and overgrown nails. Sometimes dirt may accumulate under said nails and must be flicked out in order to remove.
James, who had a set of ridiculously long talons, flicked dirt from underneath them in order to try and remove the build-up of filth that had accumulated after a long period of no personal hygiene.
by Mother-sensei July 08, 2012
Fuck boy who curves unintentionally. A boy who does not know when a girl likes him or not.
Stop being a talon. You just pulled a talon on me.
by Sonto September 27, 2014
When you're having rear penetration with a woman and you put your elbows over her shoulders and dig in like a couple of talons. You know you've done a good job when when the back of her shoulders are red.
Man if I fuck that girl tonight doggy style I'm gonna totally giver her the talons.
by sdavis January 25, 2008
A body part on a chicken
Do the chickens have large talons
by The Founder March 25, 2005
To 'pull a Talon' means to send a message to someone that was meant for someone else. Or, to message someone from the wrong messaging account.
Message sent to mom, yet meant for your lover. "You make me so horny." Mom sends back. "Excuse me?" You send back. "Sorry, didn't mean to Talon you!"
by ABYSSxxDEEP June 10, 2013
A Toenail. It may be clipped or intact.

The act of assaulting somebody with a toenail clipping. May be by stabbing or scratching.
Def 1.
Wife to Husband Clipping Toenails: "Oh,no! When you are finished clipping those Talons, don't leave them on your night-stand!"

Def 2.
Husband To Wife: "Keep nagging me woman and I will Talon you!"
by JasoRobi (BuggieBlade) May 13, 2008
Best TWL admin EVER and most liked.
no one can touch this one.
by rousy March 22, 2005

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