A word used by many British and common wealth Military personel in the 19th and 20th Centuarys.

It basically means charge.

Unfortunatly from the 1950's to the present day, this has become a common steriotype in america for what British people say when in fact that has been said more often in america than it ever has in Britain.
Mr. JohnEveryAmerican : Hay look a british person, Tally ho pip pip

Mr. Englishman : Fuck off you Bell End
by Eastern Person2 April 13, 2006
Top Definition
1. noun A woman of ill-repute who is the objet d'amor of a tallywhacker.

2. interjection. What a man yells to his tallywhacker when he sees #1 above.
1. Hey Ron, let's go down to the zone and pick up a tallyho.

by Ron April 01, 2004
A military term with the exact translation 'target in site'.

As appose to "visual" which translates to 'friendly in site'.
Rifles at the ready! Tall-ho! CHARGE!
by StuartCarrison May 17, 2005
Phrase used by english-speaking fighter pilots to confirm that they have spotted an enemy aircraft.
AWACS (Chalis-1): Viper-2, Chalis-1, be advised, bandits at your 3 o' clock, 10 miles, 4000, clear to engage, over.

F-35 Pilot (Viper-2): Chalis-1, Viper-2, Tally Ho!
by KingKenny04 February 27, 2010
(Foxhunting) The phrase uttered by a member of the hunt who sees the fox

(Aviation) (carried over from foxhunting) The phrase uttered by a pilot advising that he sees the air traffic that has been called out for him
(Foxhunting) Member of the hunt seeing the fox: "Tally-ho!"

(Aviation) Ground Control: "United 234, your traffic is a 737 at your ten o'clock descending through your altitude."

United 234: "Roger, Tally-ho!"
by FTom January 29, 2011
A word borrowed from the English expression that is used when spotting a fox during hunting. This word is more commonly known for its usage when spotting a new female employee in the work-place that may be considered by the majority of the male workers to be of romantic interest.
A new female employee is observed pouring herself coffee while Mike and Jared are inconspicuously engaged in conversation in the hallway.

Mike: "Tally-ho!"

Jared: "diddo"
by Charles23 September 15, 2009
Tally-ho is a greeting commonly used by members of the working class in Great Britain. It is a relatively new word and its use is becoming more and more widespread each year. The internet age has aided this substantial growth, as tally-ho now commonly replaces more formal, older, outdated greetings such as sup alrite and hi

Alternatively, Tally-ho can be used as an exclamation, in situations where the speaker is in great surprise. It is commonly found in the equestrian world, where tally-ho is a variant form of 'lets-go' or 'allons-y'
Adam comes into a chatroom

"Adam: Tally-ho"
"Ben: Tally-ho, Adam"
"Charles: Greeting Adam"
"David: yes, a good day to you Adam"


Adam is being ridden by Becky, fiercely and vigorously, and Becky has taken Adam by surprise.

"Adam: Tally-ho!!"
by dark_rider February 21, 2010
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