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A Salmon savior and great sex giver.
"Save the Salmon!!!!!!1111" -TallonKarrde
by Zuuness March 29, 2005
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an orgasnism that produces a magical semen

This semen,nicknamed "gew" that can reduce hunger & thirst. Among this power, it can also be an alternative to CPR, revive corpses, shapeshift into any weapon, grant wishes, clean any surface, bubbles up in the bath, allows you to breathe when you normally wouldn't be able to, makes you less ugly, and spreads smiles across the land whenenver it has been ejaculated.

When a TallonKarrde excited, it's penis releases this gew in an eruption that is more powerful than any volcano.
You cum like a TallonKarrde
by Toreru November 15, 2006
Typical over-ego'd Scouser
TK for short
Bloody Liverpudlian. Thinks he's a TallonKarrde
by Seinen Hoboka March 20, 2005
A pot-bellied fat fuck that eats shit for breakfast.
HEY! Look at those hogs! they are acting just like Tallonkarrde
by The Urban August 17, 2003

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