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when you are tring to have a conversation with one of your friends and you dont want anyone else to hear, but instead someone keeps trying to join it and keeps annoying you. similar concept to cockblocking.
i was trying to talk to James bout women while we were walking down the hill, but instead some lousy dude decided talkblocking us was a great idea
by BEAST MODE JONNY MAC November 30, 2010
To hinder, by whatever means, the chances of another male from talking to a female you are interested in.
Mark was talk blocking me because he though he had a chance with that girl.
by Wason Jertz November 17, 2008
this happens when you are trying to talk to a person and another intrusive annoying person keeps getting all up in the business, making the conversation difficult or impossible
Kendra: Hey did you run into Elias again?

Michelle: Yeah, but Rachel kept talk blocking! What is her problem?

Kendra: Oh she talk blocks anyone she sees as a threat. She knows she has to go to extreme measures to keep his attention.
by moniker1979 June 13, 2014