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technically the Perineum, it's the area between the balls and the asshole.
'taint balls, 'taint anus.
by Goober43215 October 11, 2008
187 77
The Taint is the area between the male or female genitalia and the anus.
"It taint scrotum and it taint butthole so it must be taint."
by Justin Illusion May 26, 2006
186 76
1) area between junk and asshole (funbridge)

2)anything you want
1) you just hit me in the taint, and it hurt.

2) lets go get some taint tonight.
by rick March 13, 2005
166 57
The area between a woman's vagina and her butt hole.
What's the area between a woman's pussy and her asshole called?
Taint: taint her pussy and taint her asshole.
by Wayward Bill March 28, 2008
188 80
the perineum, the space between the anus and the genitals
Time: "Can Obama Escape the Taint of Blagojevich?"

Me: Oh, that is so wrong.
by kyrtap13 December 11, 2008
256 148
slang/vulgar: from "it aint" female area between the vaginal opening and the anus
" 'taint asshole, 'taint pussy"
by Admiral Muff January 08, 2009
179 73
Medical and anatomical nomenclature is "perineal body."

The word perineum is a broad term used to describe a large area that includes the scrotum/vagina, anus and skin that lies around that general area. Taint is not perineum, but is the central point that lies in the middle of the perineum.
The surgeon had to cut my taint because the baby was too large.
by ralas h aka veba matam January 28, 2008
187 81