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An individual that is unusually fly.
"I am not Tai, because I am lame ."
by Tai Ly June 04, 2007
163 79
Orignated from the chinese character Cai, meaning talent. The word itself is a vietnamese word, meaning talent alos. The main usage of the word in english language is a person first name.
His name is Tai, meaning talent.
by Ryan Huang August 20, 2003
193 78
elite, perfect, cool guy in planet
he's name is tai
by tai July 16, 2003
184 95
a total badass
by badass7 October 19, 2009
142 64
Acronym for the band 'The Academy Is...'
~*~Beckett~Is~My~Homeboy~*~: OMGAH! TAI... ARE SO KICKASS!
by Jedi Master Luna August 14, 2006
73 15
leetest and lovable guy
he is so tai.
by tai July 16, 2003
132 82

Coined by an omniscient man while intoxicated at a party.
TAI refers to being under the influence of a substance, primarily alcohol.
Brendan: Hey slut!
Mitch: How, you doing cap?
Brant: Hey guys, you want to go fuck a blowup doll?
Mitch: I'm a slut.
Brendan: Lately, I have been teaching myself slutish, a cutie language developed from autistic savants.
Mitch: Cap, how many languages do you know?
Brendan: Approximately 27.
Brant: My jizz tastes salty.
Mitch: You wanna TAI tonight?
Brendan: Sure
Mitch: Should I call ppl?
Brendan: Ya, you should organize it.
---------------------(night of the party)---------------------
Alex: I'm TAIing tonight (woot) (woot)
Mark: Yep (pops the cork)
Drew: Hell yah (chugs)
Matt: What Kathy doesn't know won't hurt her! (gulps)
Brant (calls Brendan): Why wasn't I invited?
Brendan (answers phone): Umm, uhh (hangs up)
by Hank Patterson December 23, 2009
80 52