MOst innocent person in the universe!!
by JennO August 20, 2003
Acronym for The Academy Is..., a totally awesome band from Chicago on Fueled by Ramen
Have you seen William from TAI? he's so man-pretty!
by Jen! At the disco September 02, 2006
noun: a bitchy slut

Tit showing
Ass rubbing
It licker

Our private school way of keeping the teachers from knowing what were saying about our classmates. Basically our abbreviation of first, second, and third.
Girl 1:UGH shes such a TAI!

Girl 1: Can you believe what she did?
Girl 2: T, A, or I?
Girl 1: T and A at the SAME TIME!
Girl 2: wow....

Boy 1: But she's amazing at I
Girls: EWWWW!
by longlegs6474 June 22, 2009

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