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Truly and amazing girl. She will have you heart racing non stop just at the sight of her. She is the most trust worthy and honnest person you will ever meet.

She is sporty and outgoing, a bit of a beach babe, and a preety amazing kisser.. good in bed.

Any guy would be lucky to get his hands on her, and all the girls envy her good looks and amazing body.
Word has it she is a bit of a bad girl..
"Omg who is that?"
"Thats Tahni"
"I want her body.."
by Georgiaa1234 November 02, 2012
a tahni is an unisex word that describes someone that has some black in him/her AND white.

they can also be called a:
dirty blood (preferable not to they're face

Callum: Daym that girl is steaamin, nicca!
Shawn: Ay, she a black or a white?
Callum: she be a tahni!
Shawn: wordd

Carl: oh jiddley look at the breats on that fine lady
Shamus: oh carl it is hard to tell whether she is black or white
Carl: we must agree on calling her a tahni, ye.

by Sukie Simpson June 26, 2007
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