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People who tag extremely unflattering and heinous pictures of you and put them up on social networking sights without your previous knowledge of that picture ever being taken.

A "Taggot" can also refer to the people who fail to tag you in a hideous picture which you discover 9 months later after everyone on your friends' list and theirs has seen it.
Amanda: "Oh my gosh! Callie took a hideous picture of me drunk at last years New Years party and she never tagged me in it! I look like a sub-human miscreation!"

Gabby: "UGH! She's done that to me before! She is such a taggot!"
by DaisyTango October 02, 2009
A Taggot! is an individual who tags horrible photos of themselves and friends on Facebook for the sole purpose of increasing their photo count as well as displaying their popularity to friends back home.
Nick is a Taggot! for tagging me in that photo... I look like a just shit myself.

Laura is such a Taggot! for tagging her foot in my Hanukkah 2008 album.
by Sam Elk O January 29, 2009
A user of

Usage note: The common use of this word is not derogatory, despite its obvious etymology.
I used to use Friendster a lot, but these days I'm living strictly as a taggot.
by rolnardz April 12, 2007
A homosexual that has momentarily come out of the closet only to be momentarily return to it; also, it refers to a homosexual that has come out but proclaims that he is straight. They have "tagged" with the fact that they are gay and then denied ever saying it.
It's like he said, "Tag! I'm gay," and then ran off; he's such a taggot.
by madanonymous April 15, 2006
A term used to describe somebody who has the tag hanging out of their shirt, jumper, shorts, pants etc.
originates from Mercy Regional College in Camperdown, Victoria, Australia. Date of origin believed to be between 2007 - 2009.
Tim- "Hey Curt."
Curt- "What?"
Tim- "Taggot."
Curt- "Oh" *tucks tag in*
by Curtdogg / Proxy March 04, 2009
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