Mans best high five. When two(maybe more) friends use the wrestling style "tag team" high five system to engage in sexual intercorse with a woman. The tagging out could be beacause the men need a break or they have reached orgasm.
Jose:Hey katlyn said shes up for tag team!
Dan:Hell yeah dude! friday?

(walking to meeting place)
Dan&Jose: TAG TEAM *Slaps hands*

*Jose inserts*
*Three minutes later*
Jose: *looks over at Dan, pulls out and slaps hands.*
Dan&Jose: Tag team..
by J-masta-J October 24, 2010
to have sex with multiple old guys willingly
Chris got tag teamed by all of Bumpa's friends.
by mopje December 14, 2007
it is where two couples have sex in the same room wearing nothing but their birthday suits
yo stephen, it's dalin want to do a tag team tonight?
by shademouse August 09, 2009
Were a group of lads indulge in sexual pleasures with a girl whilst giving high fives and swapping over at the same time as shouting 'hell yeh, lets make this bitch bleed'
We tag teamed a bitch but parkes got scared and just wanked off insted
by paj + towers March 09, 2005
the blowjob equivalent of a threesome/gangbang. when more than one girl sucks a guy's dick.
Phil: see those two lesbians over there? they did an excellent job of tag teaming my dick last night!
by Phil the Pill September 09, 2006
when your having a thumb war and you sneak attack the opponent by using your pointer finger to capture their thumb
Trixie "tag teamed" Chris and won the thumb war
by zoaster June 20, 2005
Sex with three or more people.
Yo, me and Johnny tag-teamed that ho last hannakua!
by Xerobull November 29, 2002

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