It is a term used to define a really ugly girl that is either fat or a total mess. It holds stronger description than the famous grenade, landmine or zoo creature.

I can be used to go above and beyond when describing a woman or girl that has outdone herself as a grenade.

A girl who is the epitome of being fat, ugly, a mess or a combo of these.
Yo, did you see that girl? She's a total tactical nuke.
by The Almighty P.Gotti February 01, 2011
When a guy has an epic jizz either in his pants or with a girl.
When a fountain of jizz come out of your penis.
Guy 1:So..what happened between you and you know who last nite?
Guy 2:Well...we went back to my place and i showed her what happens when I get a tactical nuke.
Guy howed that go?
Guy 2:Ask her shes stuck on the celing.

Also the scene from scary movie 1 when they finially have sex.
by blonde69 November 12, 2011
Yo, step up yo bitch ass Jersey Shore Jagerbombs and take on the real brotastic drink of the century: The Tactical Nuke.

A tactical nuke is a drink that will fuck you up and make you ripped up like rambo. Take 3 shots of Jager and wash that shit down with a 5-hour energy, because every true bro wants to be energetic AND wasted.
"YO did you see Brett Broski do that tactical nuke? He punched that stupid orange bitch in the face right after it!"
by Brett Broski February 22, 2010

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