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1. A taco with sour cream and tomatoes.

2. The act of fucking a girl on her period (tomato) then shooting your load (sour cream) onto her pussy (taco).
1. I thought this taco supreme would have a lot more to it than just sour cream and tomatos for that extra dollar I paid!

2. Last night, i gave this bitch a taco supreme. I came on her period-blood-soaked cunt. It made my penis feel good, but I am probably going to hell now.
by rogerthewhale October 30, 2011
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performing orally on a vagina after you or another man has deposited semen in it
by chris giocondo March 25, 2006
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The finishing move to space docking. This occurs when the a man tops off the shit with his load.
Only a select group of people can find the humor in a taco supreme.
by Kevin Kempf July 26, 2006
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A taco supreme is when you cum in a girl's vagina and proceed to eat her out.
No thanks, I'm not hungry for breakfast, I'm still full from the taco supreme I ate last night.
by thedefinerofall February 18, 2010
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