Mexican restaurant made famous and by a white guy. Notice the last word "bell" and mexicans are not in the commercials.
White Guy: I'd love the granday supreme.poor favor.
Mexican: Yo esay! Will that complete your order?(under breath)pinche gringo.
by Jack April 22, 2005
A fast food restaurant with a menu loosely based on Tex-Mex cuisine. Part of the Yum! group of restaurant brands. Features over sixty variations of menu items which midwesterners cannot pronounce, and can be customized to suit every taste with a variety of ingredients, yet customers cannot figure out why their orders are often wrong.
"Taco Bell (location name), (manager) speaking, how can I help you?"

"I just came through the drive thru and you guys messed up my $40 order. I don't understand why this happens every time! I made special requests for every item!"
by Caitster July 10, 2008
A fast food restaurant that serves "Mexican" food.
Although it's food is not the greatest, none of it contains animal waste and the rice is not made with milk. I know this, because I've worked there.
If you eat this shit, even once, you are a moron, but the beef is beef, the chicken is chicken, etc..
Let's go get some Taco Bell so I can shoot liquid fire out of my asshole in 2 hours.
by Brothamandingo August 06, 2005
Alternately titled "Toxic Hell." This is a resteraunt chain in which you get "just add hot water" food, and end up feeling like you just ate all of the radioactive waste from any Nuclear Plant in the world. The food is so biologically fucked up that it makes little annoying ankle-biting dogs talk.
I went to Taco Bell and damn do I feel polluted.
by TSMason May 12, 2003
Creators of the the best tasting laxatives in the world.
Person 1. Im am so constipated and Metamucil is so nasty I hate how gritty it tastes.
Person 2. Try Taco Bell it tastes much better.
Two hours later...

Person 1. Thank you I feel so much better now the giant turd has been unleashed.
person 2. I told you it would work.
by 7 flusher November 04, 2013
Most likely gave me a tapeworm.
Toxic Hell.
by Human July 29, 2003
The Mexicans contribution to America.
I'm glad those Mexicans brought over their wonderful Mexican food, 'cause without it, we might not have Taco Bell!!11!!1!
by Shimblecrook January 25, 2009

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