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Slang term for a person of Mexican decent. As seen in "Cheech and Chong: Nice Dreams:
WTF are all the taco heads doing over by the Home Depot?
by hitz4romthebong January 01, 2010
59 9
The act of eating Taco Bell while receiving oral sex
Last night for our anniversary dinner we got Taco Bell and I got some serious Taco Head.
by James Mirival June 26, 2012
3 2
The act of giving or receiving head at any restaurant with the word "taco" in its name. This incudes the parking lot and/or bathroom of said restaurant.
"Hey did you hear about Joe getting tacohead last night? Shit was so cash!"
by Anonymous 12313234237149823740 December 26, 2009
0 2
a person who really likes tacos
James is a taco head.
by livelifeunknown May 17, 2010
2 7
A person who is annoying as hell.
OMG, you're such a tacohead!
by carebear_x September 03, 2007
0 8
A person, usually male, sporting a hairdo with two hunks of hair sticking up with a sloppy mess of hair in between (the taco filling.)
That salesman's hair looks awful, he is a true taco head.
by Nastycoworker July 10, 2006
8 21