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1) A gourmet dish that can only be prepared properly by a couple consisting of a male individual and a female individual. It is said to taste like sex, in other words, THE GREATEST THING EVER. Problem is, I'm a female vagitarian, and just like a male penivore, eating or even preparing this dish is against my morals.

2) An epic idea, essentially a Hot dog placed in a Taco instead of a bun, and maybe with some simple ketchup, sour cream, guacamole or salsa, it might go well. On the other hand, it might not; honestly I have no clue because, for real, I'm also a vegetarian.
1) Alex: Hey, babe, wanna make a Taco Dog tonight?
Samantha: Ahhh, yeah sure, can't wait, I love Taco Dogs, just try not to finish the Taco Dog too quickly this time, okay! I want to savor every bite.
Alex: But I can't help myself!!! It's so delicious...

2) Me: Dude, what the hell are you eating?
John: Ahhh, it's a Taco Dog with Guacamole, all I had left in the freezer was a single hot dog, in the fridge some Guacamole, and there was a single taco shell lying in an open box on the counter, so...
Me: That's nasty, stop eating that crap and go shopping for some real food, puhlease!
by AmigoTaco March 21, 2012
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