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1. A case of diarrhea experienced after eating cheap mexican food. I.E. Taco Bell, Microwaveable Burritos.
Johhny.: "Hey you ready go to out for dinner?"
Steve: "Nah man I had some taco bell for lunch and got a mad case of Taco Butt..."
by nougatofy July 22, 2008
The moist, verticle line on the seat of your grey sweat pants from overheating and sticking to your butt crack.
"You can tell she really worked out in spin class. She has Taco Butt!"
by Sour Mouse May 06, 2013
Developing a big backside due to excessive amount of eating at Taco Bell.
Keri: Look at Jills Taco Butt
Sammy: Yeah, I see her at Taco Bell everyday after school!
by Johnny Davison March 02, 2010
When a person has consumed so many tacos, that literally one more taco will cause their ass to explode.
Tommy: Hey Johnny, that new secretary's gotta nice phat booty. Guarantee I'll be knee deep in that thing by Christmas.
Johnny: Dude, you didn't hear? Thats not your run of the mill phat booty.
Tommy: No, don't tell me...
Johnny: That's right man, Taco Butt.
Tommy: Oh, Snap.
by Scotty J-Box May 09, 2008
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