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Tac-block {tach-blach}

1) n. Someone who prevents their drunk/high/sober friends from attaining the Taco Bell that they crave.

2) v. To prevent someone from going to/getting the Taco Bell that they desire.
1) "Listen man, you're killing my buzz. I'm seriously hungry right now and you're being a total Tac-block!"

2) "I swear if you get high tonight, I will totally Tac-block you. We've already been there four times this week!"
by Plain Cookies September 29, 2009
noun, a person who commits to meeting another at Taco Bell and then pulls a no show.
Are you going to tac-block me again by not showing up at the Bell?
by trishandcanis October 16, 2010
(pronounced: tah-k-blah-k )

A Taco-blocker. The female equivalent of cock-block. Also known as Talk-Block- a girl who swoops in on the conversation to steal the spotlight.

The blocking of a taco from making her mark.
He was staring deeply into her eyes, just about to ask for her number, when slutty hottie walked in and stole the spotlight. What a tac-block!

by elleandbab October 15, 2008

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