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A larger tablet with all the power and functionality of a desktop computer.
Person 1: "Hey! You should look at my new 18 inch tablet."

Person 2: "That thing isn't a tablet. It is a tabtop."
by Dr. Googel November 29, 2013
An Ipad, Nook, Kindle, or other soon to be outdated tablet device un-capable or valuable as an actually macbook pro, or loaded PC. And is being treated like one by its user. Who may go as far as having a stand, dock,external bluetooth keyboard and mouse, cooling fan etc.
Well I thought we were doing some sick photoshop graphics, turns out he had the photoshop app on his tabtop
by Paul Amazano June 07, 2011
Tablet + detachable keyboard = Tabtop
That surface pro 4 is a sweet tabtop.
by Tat2ddad March 27, 2016
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