it's an acronym for - Trolls Are Best Ignored.
Someone writes a Troll remark in the comment column - and your reply is TABI - or TABI (Trolls Are Best Ignored) and move on.
by Mike28145 January 05, 2013
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A sock with a separation for the big toe; worn with thong sandals by the Japanese.
Tabi are traditional Japanese socks.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 12, 2011
Tabi is the shortened form of the name, Tabitha. Tabi is an awesome, beautiful and just all around cool person to know, and if you don't know her, your life sucks.
Tabi is coming over and I can't wait to talk to her!

Tabi is the sexiest brunette alive!
by Scoobz October 29, 2006
Type of footwear in Japan. The toes are always split. Most commonly used by ninja, as it helps one to move silently.
The Japanese soldiers in WW2, wore tabi when they were in the jungles.
by (insert name here) January 15, 2005
Twerking All Booties In Synchronization.

Its basically twerking together at the same time and speed. A twerk- a - Thon as well
Lets all join the tabis at the party tonight
by CreeperReeper November 03, 2013
The word "Tabi" is commonly defined as a Japanese Tube sock but it is also a swear word that is worse than a regular swear {like bitch} but not as severe as a racial slur.
That dumbass is wearing a tabi.
She is such a Tabi.
by DasAuto July 02, 2012
Its is a nick for Mehatb and Aftab.
Hello tabi , how are you?
by anonymous January 13, 2005

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