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ta. bet

- noun/ adjective
1. An individual who insists on partaking in little or no activites, followed by complaining and then ultimately having an afternoon nap... followed by more complaining.
2. The act of not doing somthing, based on the belief that doing things will eventually lead to not doing things, ergo, what is the point in doing somthing in the first place.
3. Psychology . a person of the lowest order within the classification of lazy and absent of all forms of short-term motivation.
4. an individual disinclined to partake in activities due to fear of doing things.
5. slow-moving; sluggish

-verb (used without object)
6. to tabet.

circa 1990-2010; < LE tabitarios - a person of ungodly laziness, equiv. to sloth- (anthropomorphized animal was created by a tabet and squirrel fornicating).

1. Lazy, Sloth; mental-hibernation, apathetic; inert.
Amfony : Ey man whats doin today?
Chris: nothin, i rekon i'm just ganna tabet.


Gha: Come, come train?
Chris: Nah can't be fucked.
Gha: Your'e such a fucking tabet.
#lazy #slothly #sloth #inert #boring #apathetic
by sxccarol69 November 02, 2010
A make shift hairpiece created by glueing one's own pubic hair to their head.
He was wearing another tabet today, he should really just buy a new toupee.
#toupee #pubic hair #glue #head #bald
by TJD12485 November 12, 2009
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