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Official word for any french fry, chip, or finger-sized food that has come into contact with the top surface of a table before being consumed.
Hey man I forgot my lunch, can I have your tabes?
by Kemp Disaster January 08, 2006
4 50
Another word for breasts.
"Yo dawg, you see the tabes on shawty!"
by Suque October 12, 2008
94 17
Common abbreviation of table tennis
"Fancy a game of tabe?"
by MattClap July 10, 2008
43 8
Excessive abdomen fat on which the owner rests items. Short for table.
Ant holds the nintendo controller on his tabes when he plays Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
by Mad Tabes November 13, 2008
34 8
someone who usually has a very large dick and gets many people to sleep with them. They are the "popular people" and are hot, sexy, cute, smart, and funny.
Kid 1: "woah look at tabe"
Kid 2: "his dick must be HUGE!"
by 39392304923049203 July 12, 2010
11 13
Slang for table tennis. Originating from Halifax post-16 common rooms where table tennis is a King among sports.
Bolt: Cheedle, up for some tabe?
Cheedle: Alright, ween.
by The Bolt! December 27, 2008
9 13
Tabe: To be completely oblivious of your surroundings, and/or to be unaware of generally obvious, understandable concepts. Also, to be an uninteresting, or frank person incapable of " having a life". See Tabetism for greatrer understanding of the kaelakelseytribe origin " Tabe".
by Kelsey&Kaela :] September 10, 2008
3 16
a myriad of swindlers
they roam the halls of whitney and wreak havok

can be seen cursing others in their native tongue.
noidish calvin cheng has a BIG PITES!!!
by wah! August 18, 2004
23 63