Large breasts on a female. Often described as bodacious.
by KJ October 03, 2003
Top Definition
That bitch has ta tas off the chain fo sho
by Bean Flickers December 05, 2002
large tits on a womans chest...also a nickname...GOD DAMN YOU ike!
TATAS!!!-yells across room
by meee May 11, 2004
breasts, boobs, fun bags.
Jude's ta tas are absolutely perfect. I dream about them nightly.
by Bill Gray March 09, 2005
n; breasts, boobs, tits
She has a set of bodacious ta tas.
by Debbie August 03, 2003
n the breasts, col; a slang term used to define the female mammary glands, often preceded with the term "bodacious" to indicate the breasts are in an excellent physical state, that is to say pleasant to the eye of the beholder, the correct collective noun of the tata is a "set"
viz she had a bodacious set of tatas, a great set of funbags, or simply tits to die for, (see Kate Richie) strictly speaking a bodacious set of tatas can never be achieved un-naturally, surgical enhancement ruins a set of tatas and therefore it is incorrect to use this definition in this circumstance, SEE Frankentits
by Bosombuddy June 01, 2006
Tits, usually of the big and bodacious variety. If they're pert, they're ta-tas.
Kerry Lynn has not only a great face, but bodacious ta-tas to boot.
by Sean Brian Kirby October 07, 2005

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