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"TWEEKBOOT"; The act of taking an already existing story, script, television series or film franchise and altering it, TWEAKING away at it until it barely resembles the original or conflicts with the original to such a degree that the entire plot and/or story is no longer contained therein except in perhaps name only. This is not to be confused with a REMAKE or SHOT FOR SHOT updating or REBOOTING of a film or story franchise; TWEAKBOOTING a story bastardizes and causes what was once fully well established plot line or franchise to be skewed into what can only be considered a 'parallel' universe version of an already existing story line/arc which conflicts completely or in part with well established 'Cannon' for any given story franchise.
The recent TWEEKBOOT of 'Star Trek' has distorted the already well established cannon of the Trek universe of TV series, films, novels, and spin offs of the franchise to such a degree that the tweaking of the entire story arcs beginning has altered everything that made the original what it was; The Tweekboot has altered and skewed the very essence and concept behind Star Trek to such a degree via Tweaking of the storyline that the future timeline will no longer even happen in any way shape or form that can be recognized as being or having any connection to what was once a well established story arc spanning decades and centuries...Tweekbooting it has forever destroyed and erased everything that was once known as Star Trek, and the practice of Tweekbooting already established franchises has become more acceptable and overused than actually attempting to create new and original continuations of said franchises instead of building upon what was once already accepted 'written in stone' "Cannon" to more and more films and stories as the 21st century has moved forward.
by BadWolf601 June 28, 2011
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