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Troll versus troll combat. Much like PvP that takes place in a game TvT takes place in the games forums. Can often be found on the MMO Face of Mankinds forum.
Lol kk I won't take part in this tvt.
by Kelticc February 18, 2010
Stands for "the Viacom team", usually meaning the monitors on the Neopets NeoBoards. A dumbass company with dumbass staff.
iloveLUPES_375892357: hey guess what tnt froze my account yesterday!!
Smart kid: There is no TNT anymore. They are now called TVT.
by iloveLUPES_375892357 August 19, 2009
Transvestite. Some escort services list them as TVTS or 'Transvestite/Transexual'
See www.eros.com. NASTY NASTY NASTY. Some things are just wrong.
by EB January 28, 2005