shortened version of television;people like to watch it a lot
Joe:Hey dude let's got watch TV.
by James Grimmer June 10, 2004

Often watched for far too long.

An easy way of parenting for lazy bums on the welfare. Kill 'em all.

Also used for "transvestite"- someone who dresses out of their gender.
A-Team was the best show ever to get on TV.

Yo mama a tv.
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
TV: The first telivision has appeared with the arrival of Mankind. It was first made out of stone during the stone age, but the dates remain unprecise. In the lately 1930's, the TVs were made out of more complex materials and you could see something moving in it for the first time. Still Today, scientists are still looking for interesting shows because shows today are still as useless as 20 centuries ago. Id advise you to stick to your computer while the TV still evolves a bit more.
TV is a brown box with little images and colours moving up and down. In a few words, TV sucks bahhd.
by Zee Dogg May 26, 2007
Short for "time vacumn", because a television —and any other devise with a screen, such as computers, portable video games, cell phones, etc.— tend to suck your time away without you noticing.
"Sorry I'm late for our wedding, honey. I sat down in front of the TV and didn't see the time pass".

"But Larry ... you don't HAVE a TV!"

"Oh, yeah. I meant my digital camera. I was taking pictures of my penis to get you hot for our honeymoon, and I couldn't stop retouching myself"
by Christopher Nisperos June 29, 2006
What makes rumors and taboos ever so more present in daily life.
"TV made living impossible after my co-workers found out that my date of birth coincided with the devil's."
by soccerisawesome August 03, 2007
Aka a television.
this definition has remained the same for decades.
nothing urban about it.. HOWEVER , it can be used as a nickname.
TV = Tanvi Sinha
by Task24 August 25, 2010
A Evil box of doom that makes kids idiots/stupid/retarded
and can make your grades go from a A+ to a F.
*Me* I dont allways watch TV anymore and im starting to get smarter WOOHOO!
by Tannen October 02, 2005

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