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When a woman does her partner a "favor" by tugging on his genitals until he finally gets the message that it's time to get-it-on!
"Rhonda gave Dave a TUGGLER in the kitchen until he finally got the message and took her to the futon for some sweet lovin'."
by Rhonda Hendrickson December 31, 2009
1)A person who tussles firmly or viciously.
2) A person who has a secret desire to be homosexual a rub a comrade's ear.
3) A semi flaming homosexual who feels an uncontrollable urge to knock over a classmate's(of the same sex) book with a firm tug on the spine of the book.
what da shit!? Get your greasy monkey paw fingers off of my ear right now you tuggler.

My ear is sore as crap right now becuase that crazy tuggler went to town on me while I was enjoy a nice cup of green tea in Spanish Class.
by Goochdacooch January 19, 2008
A person that juggles tits.
Alex is an awesome Tuggler!
by Akex & Jman May 09, 2008

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