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Short for lettuce. The gorgeous back part of a hockey players head, in which the hair is long and puffy. Also called tuss
Yo man your tuce is hanging out of your helmet today, it's beautiful!
#flow #tuss #lettuce #letty #let
by Mastereraserdeepnet69 October 27, 2013
To redfine the word Cute
instead of being just cute you replace the c and t to get
kristen is cuter than cute
your right shes TUCE
#tuce #cute #loveable #amazing #perfect
by Ray =) May 06, 2008
A typo / acronym of cute.

Usually used when a boy is describing the girl he likes and is a little too shy to use the word cute.

- it is also an adjective to describe a cheater or a megan
A: Hey that was cute
B: ...and you're tuce
A: tuce?
B: yea... tuce
#cute #tuce #cheat #cheater #cuteness
by ynotsmai June 13, 2009
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