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Time To Win
Dang, we're down by 100000000. TTW.
by jiffree January 02, 2013
Tank Top Wednesday
Ed: Yea for sure
by ttw July 03, 2012
- These are just 2 Warcraft III Definitions -

TTW stands for Tree Tag Wars. Tree Tag Wars was originally made by Halo_king116 about a year ago. It never got popular, but it was one of his first maps. If you ask me, it is very fun.

TTW also stands for Tropical Tower Wars. This is a map made by a mapper (Don't know username) and is recently new to It is quite popular, but nothing compared to DotA or Ryoko TD.
"What game do you want to play?" "How about TTW?"
by Pointyfern July 04, 2006
Short for "Teeny tiny woman." This is used to exaggerate how short someone really is.
Erin is a TTW, I mean look at her she can drown in a puddle.
by eryn smith May 26, 2008
Short for a "tiny torrid woman." The BBW has enjoyed her pleasant nickname for long enough, now it is time for the short and slender to have their looks praised.
Star is a real TTW, she's 5'2 and only weighs 105 pounds!
by Astr June 07, 2006

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