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Acronym for 'Tosh Target Range'. Used in reference to women between the ages of 35 and 45.
Tony: "Hey man, check out that drunk old chick over there, she's alright for a 39 year-old!"

Tosh: "Yeah man, she's smack-bang in the middle of the TTR, alriiiight!"
by Donk Merrett August 21, 2008
(T.T.R.) Acronym used to indicate time of day when its appropriate to get the party started. (Time To Rage!)

Describes culture or lifestyle related partying, nightlife, socializing, etc.
TTR Baby! Letsss Go!!!
by TheHYPEGUY March 03, 2011
An abbreviation used when a party is in order, standing for "Time to Rage."
Friend #1-"I dumped my bitch's ass today"

Friend #2-"TTR."
by ghettotitties November 15, 2010
Time To Relax, Total Testosterone Release... A way of expressing a male's "private time" with his hand.
-What's Taejin doing all alone at home?
-Probably TTR
by voldemortnigga December 20, 2008
A game for the iPhone. First when it came out it was Tap Tap Revolution, later on it was known as Tap Tap Revenge.
"Yo bruh, let's play something?"
"Yeah, I got this game on my shiny iPhone called TTR"
"I digg."
by php October 06, 2008
text-text-revolution. the act of engaging in a text messaging conversation.
derived from the popular game "Dance Dance Revolution"
"Make sure you t.t.r. me later so i can get the details for tonights party."

"Sorry i wasn't paying attention,I was busy my new chick"
by john l brown April 18, 2008
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