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Talk to me Goose...

Text short hand for "Stop texting and pick up the damn phone."

Text short hand for "Really could use some friendly right about now..."
u there? TTMG!

Enough with the texts! TTMG already
by D'Hude March 23, 2011
TTMG is text acronym for "Talk To Me Goose". A Top Gun movie quote where the pilot, Maverick, asks his Radar Intercept Officer (RIO), Goose, to," Talk To Me Goose", which is a request for information. The TTMG acronym is useful anytime you want some fucker to give you information you currently do not posess.
A guy's wife comes home with the BMW all fucked up. He tells the bitch to "TTMG". The bitch should at this point explain how the BMW became all fucked up.

A guy texts his buddy "TTMG". The guy's buddy should then text back where the fuck he his and why is bitch ass wife kept him from being where his buddies wanted him to be.

You can TTMG a subordinate at work if the dumbshit ain't where the fucker should be or if the monkey isn't where he should be at the right time.

TTMG is great to dump on any asshole who should be feeling guilty. If you catch your brother in law fucking a hairy beast tranny, text the mother fucker TTMG in the morning.
by xaguy November 05, 2011
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