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The Larry Flynt of Greece and Australia. Rumor has it that his porn collection has more archives than Jay Leno has lameass jokes. He even has rare footage of zarb and a wild band of pakis.
Dude, that Amish facial shot is definitely TT qualified.
by fukr February 07, 2004
Short for an Assyrian word (Modern Aramaic)- "Taza Teeya" for males, "Taza Teeta" for females, and "Taza Teeye" used as a plural.

In English, TT (Taza Teeye) means Newcomer(s). It is commonly used by teenagers in Sydney, Australia. Mostly in schools.

The word is used for newcomers (new people coming from non-English speaking backgrounds/countries, who understand no or little English), these people are called TTs.
Susan: OMG I totally hate her, she can't even speak English properly.
Marie: Duh! What do you except? She's a TT.
Susan: What!?
Marie: She's only been in Australia for like...7 months.
Susan: Gosh! What a TT!
by Stop belittling me! October 13, 2007
short for Tim Thomas, player of the New York Knicks.
TT isn't a very good player.
by Rishi March 06, 2005
a funky fresh foolio that plays soccer and chats on MySpace all day long. She is also owned by Danae. (See Danae for Definition)
Danae: TT get me sumthing to eat.
TT: ok darling. w/e u say.
by lane April 25, 2005
acronym for tag team, when two men tag team and have intercourse with a female, making sure to demean her at all costs, be sure to give mushroom stamps and houdini's
Me and BT got T T'd lindsay in the Navi. I really let one loose on her face.
by Brauner March 02, 2005
"Totally Tits"

TT is the abbreviation of Totally Tits, to be used easily in common conversation.

The logic goes something like this:

Tits are good
If something is good (ie hot girl), she is "Tits"
Thus, if something is "Totally Tits", it is a very good thing.

Isn't limited to usage when complimenting a member of the opposite sex.
"Check that hot slut out" "Whoa, she's TT"

"Holy crap, these baked goods are TT"

"That concert was TT!"
by dansaunders40 June 14, 2004
A sweet car made by audi. It has a really nice round shape.
the Audi TT is my second favorite car behind the Porsche 911
by where am i? March 15, 2005