"Totally Tits"

TT is the abbreviation of Totally Tits, to be used easily in common conversation.

The logic goes something like this:

Tits are good
If something is good (ie hot girl), she is "Tits"
Thus, if something is "Totally Tits", it is a very good thing.

Isn't limited to usage when complimenting a member of the opposite sex.
"Check that hot slut out" "Whoa, she's TT"

"Holy crap, these baked goods are TT"

"That concert was TT!"
by dansaunders40 June 14, 2004
A sweet car made by audi. It has a really nice round shape.
the Audi TT is my second favorite car behind the Porsche 911
by where am i? March 15, 2005
abbreviation for 'that'. ThaT.
tt person's from Italy
by my name. March 21, 2005
Abbreviation; too turnt
Yo I'm tt right now! Bitch got me doing the tt dance!
by Moe The Hitta May 18, 2015
Thirsty Thursdays
Let's get together at my house for TT!
by itnt February 03, 2015
Travel Trailer (pull behind camper)
I have a 30ft tt.
by write2char January 31, 2015
ten out of ten.
dat food is tt boyzie, swear down.

yeah dat girl cuz, I cant stop finkin bout her, she is tt bruv, no lies.
by DUBBS November 24, 2014

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