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Acronym for "that's true" or "true that", an expression of agreement.
Person1: Wow, this movie sucks

Person2: TT
by IPN August 01, 2011
20 37
"that time" of the month
Veronica is always freaking TT and she never stops!
by taco 1 January 28, 2011
6 23
is the abriviation of "thunder thighs" which is also the name of an audi car....
ohhh yeah look that those tt's yum yum
by dericky June 03, 2009
1 18
Totally Tired.

It's self explanitory.
Girl #1: Hey you wanna hit the mall?
Girl #2: No thanks. I'm TT.
by Mornin chick December 16, 2007
6 23
if you fall out with someone do as a termite would, never even acknowledge the person, hence termite treatment
you upset me too much no tt
by standstiller February 06, 2009
1 19
1) Tranny at Taco Bell.
2) A transgender who sits across from you at Taco Bell and constantly uncrosses her/his legs to reveal his/her junk which is clearly still there.
3) A transgender who enjoys taco bell's low prices in order to save up for that lobbing off of his/her massive package.
4) An awkward lunch experience
5) The reason people don't eat Chalupas anymore
6) The subtle irony of getting too much meat in one's taco.
Holy shit, Stevo and I got TTed at T Bell today, and I vomitted my crunchwrap.

If I needed money for a sex change I would TT it for a while

TTing is the reason I can't perform sexually after eating taco bell

I wish I could get a little TT in this taco, it has 1/3 the meat of yours.
by Fultronic May 18, 2007
23 41
T.T is an emotion for just listening to a sarcastic remark.
or it could also be used after watching somone being a compleate moron.
1)phil: are the fish in that lake?
bob: noooooo, the fish are in the trees...
luke skywalker: T.T

2)bob: look gulible isn't in the dictionary
phil: let me see...
luke skywalker: T.T
by mitch j January 05, 2007
23 41