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1. the sound of a male queef*

*a male queef is also known as the sound of a beer can opening

2. the sound of a beer can opening/a vocal attempt to reenact the sound of a beer can opening. "tssst" can be sprinkled into a conversation liberally. simply put, this onomatopoeia is known to cure all incidents of drama with ease. the mere act of opening said beer can is only a prelude to the inevitable glory to follow (which is probably why the sound is so wonderful). dated back to the early days of king tut, tssst has been an insurmountable sound that should only be revered to as music to a man's ears. even king tut would utilize this sound when he found the hot summer days/drama too much to take. tssst is the best way to let all males in the room know that your drama meter is off the charts and daydreaming about beer is your only escape. they will in turn follow and see to it that a beer is found in a reasonable amount of time**

**when seeking out beer, one must know what exactly beer is. the following beers do not count as drama resolvers nor do they even amount to donkey piss: keystone, keystone light, keystone ice
Emily: so then my dog had to go back for her pedicure and since bobby wouldn't take her i got really stressed out. that reminds me of how somebody stepped on my shoe when i was at the mall. sometimes i just wonder why people are--

George: tssst

by Beefy Mcstruggenoff May 30, 2010
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