Acronym for "thanks so much". One of those expressions that, depending on how used, can be sincere or sarcastic in its meaning. To further confuse, can be used in both lower and upper case.
Sincere: "Hey man, looks like we were gonna run out of booze tonight after all! TSM for bringing that kegger, dude!"

Sarcastic: "I TOLD you I wasn't using birth control!! TSM!!!"

Uncertain: "Great birthday present, Harvey. tsm"
by Dishpan Hanns October 15, 2009
Top Definition
Team Solo Mid. League of Legends pro team. Ranked #1 in the North Americas.
"What's the best league of legends team?"

by Av3nge November 04, 2012
total sorostitute move. the female version of TFM (total frat move) or when a sorority girl does something fratty as made widely popular by the website totalfratmove.com
On gamedays, I shotgun Nattys in $300 Lilly dresses and my grandmother's pearls. TSM.
by Fratlete69 September 14, 2010
whenever a sorority chick does something that would make every sorority girl proud
becky: like, omg sally I just had to call and tell you that billy and jeff are banging me as we speak!
sally: tsm, becky! tsm!!!
by billybobjay August 08, 2010
TSM is a short abbreviation "Top Speed Movement". The word is known by car racers.
What car is so TSM.
by Main_dic March 04, 2015
That So Mexican
You see that guy on the lawnmower, TSM
by GravitySquirrel October 07, 2011
short for "this so much" a common phrased used in reply to someone you thoroughly agree with.
friend - "lady gaga is like my fucking god, i just want to be one with the gaga, praise her, fuck her, talk to her, like even meet her"

you - "TSM!!!!"
by TheRealMadonna August 13, 2010
Thanks so much or Thanks very much
email received "Here's the ______ you wanted".
Reply "TSM"
by pricee April 17, 2008
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